Who We Are

We Are WePower Technologies

WePower Technologies develops energy harvesting solutions for wireless data transmitter applications across the IoT in industrial, automotive, smart home, smart buildings, and aerospace markets.

Our mission is to engineer reliable, scalable, sustainable energy harvesting solutions that power the IoT all while improving product design, performance, and weight, and eliminating wasteful batteries.

The next decade will see a sprawling IoT infrastructure with billions and even trillions of connected sensors and data transmitters coming online. These wireless devices need a power source, but batteries are expensive, wasteful, and endlessly tedious to replace. Energy harvesting is a developing market, but advancements in microelectronics and wireless chipsets with nano and pico-power technology are facilitating the acceleration of Energy Harvesting Generator (EHG) technology that can meet the needs of the IoT industry and eliminate the challenges presented by batteries.

With a broad portfolio of IP with patents issued and pending that cover the novel implementation of electromagnetic technology for harvesting kinetic energy, WePower addresses the need for a more permanent and more scalable and sustainable onboard power solution with our proprietary technology and our patented EHGs.

WePower Technologies was founded in 2019.

Leadership Team

Larry Richenstein

Founder and CEO, WePower Technologies

Larry Richenstein, Founder and CEO of WePower Technologies, has spent nearly his entire career in wireless consumer technologies. Larry got his start in the industry working for his father’s consumer electronics company and has since then gone on to found or co-found four technology companies of his own, including Lonestar Technologies, Long Hall Technologies, and Unwired Technology LLC. Larry has been involved with the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) for over 30 years, having served in a number of leadership roles including Chairman of the Automotive Electronics Division, Chairman of the CTA Foundation, and as a member of the CTA Board of Industry Leaders.

A self-styled realist with an eye for technology trends, Larry is perpetually driven by a desire to develop better products at lower costs. Throughout his lengthy and decorated career, Larry has earned a sterling reputation as an entrepreneur who strives for innovation in products and business models. His proven abilities running a B2B supplier to Fortune 100 customers during his time at Unwired provide a strong foundation for the success for WePower.

Larry is a member of the New York Angels, one of the nation’s top angel investment groups, and he currently serves as a director and advisor for BotFactory, a desktop electronics manufacturer. He has also served as an advisor for Motion Intelligence, an automotive communications company that was recently sold. Larry lives in the New York area.

Michael Riddell

Senior Vice President, Engineering, WePower Technologies

Michael "Mike" Riddell, Senior Vice President, Engineering for WePower Technologies, is a devoted engineering leader with an impressive history of innovative technology product development, launch, and commercial success. With a technical career dominated in the Automotive industry with industry leaders Siemens, Philips, Mannesmann VDO and TI Automotive, Mike is an accomplished expert in formal Product Development Processes and Product Planning with a focus on high-reliability product design, testing, validation, and commercial launch.

His core product development focus in automotive was on precision electro-mechanical assemblies, design of permanent magnet sensors, actuators, brushless motors, and electronic controls. In his previous role as VP of Engineering for FuelCell Energy prior to joining WePower, Mike managed and directed a large cross-functional staff of over 75 very talented directors, managers, engineers, and technical professionals with an IR&D budget responsibility of $20M. Under his leadership there, Fuelcell Energy designed, fabricated, and installed, what is, and remains, the world’s largest hydrogen fuel cell power plant installation located in Incheon, South Korea.

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