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WePower Technologies is an energy harvesting solutions company for the IoT. WePower has developed patented technology and patented energy harvesting generators (EHGs) to produce power from motion that will enable reliable and large-scale deployment of IoT sensors and devices for industrial, automotive, smart home, smart city, and aerospace applications.

Recent Coverage

Electronic Specifier: The Gemns G100 EHG wireless panel switch by WePower

WePower Technologies has released the Gemns G100 EHG (G100) Wireless Panel Switch for OEMs and product developers.

Security Systems News Product Spotlight: Smart Home/Home Automation

The Gemns G200 EHG was included in the Security Systems News Product Spotlight featuring smart home technologies for their May issue. Check it out to see unique features of the G200.

Components in Electronics: The IoT is scaling but batteries are holding us back

CEO and Founder of WePower Larry Richenstein shares that by using motion to generate electricity, we can create a sustainable power supply for wireless devices, eliminating the need for batteries and reducing electronic waste.