‘In the trillion IoT sensor world predicted for 2025, we are going to be throwing over 100 million batteries everyday into landfills unless we significantly extend battery life,’ said Mike Hayes, head of ICT for energy efficiency at the Tyndall National Institute in Ireland.

Energy Harvesting for Modern Device Design

WePower Energy Harvesting Technology

A key challenge facing the future of the IoT has been servicing remote sensors and transmitters that require regular battery replacement. Batteries have historically been the default power option, but they have a limited lifespan, require effort – and resource – intensive replacement at scale, and end up in landfills by the millions each day. Batteries also introduce form factor and weight constraints to the devices they power.

WePower has pioneered a groundbreaking way to harvest kinetic energy using electromagnetic induction to power wireless sensors and related devices at a significantly higher voltage level than any other kinetic EHG solution on the market, thereby eliminating the need for the cost, weight, maintenance, and disposal of the billions of cell batteries that are produced and discarded each year. WePower patented technology can be seamlessly integrated into IoT applications and can lead to RF transmissions of higher signal quality, longer range, and more diverse functionality via wireless RF standards such as Bluetooth, LoRA, Z-Wave, and Matter.

Powering the IoT: Gemns Energy Harvesting Generator (EHG)

Permanent Magnets

Gemns™ products use permanent magnets for field shaping and concentration to produce a higher energy output through electromagnetic induction. This innovative power generation process facilitates greater functionality, reliability, and range from sensors and transmitters.

Protocol Agnostic

Gemns products are protocol agnostic and can communicate via wireless standards such as Bluetooth, LoRA, ISM, Z-Wave, Matter, and Thread. Gemns products are also easily adapted in design to fit requirements for form factor, energy demand, and weather rating.

40 Times More Power

Gemns products capture and output energy in the millijoule range, a level 40 times greater than the competition. More power results in devices with increased RF range, greater edge processing, and higher performance.

No Batteries Required

Gemns EHGs are small modules that are designed into IoT devices to permanently replace the need for batteries in sensors and associated devices. The patented designs will reduce maintenance while increasing performance whether that’s in a 100 million sensor array or a smart toilet.

Markets Served

WePower will enable reliable, large-scale deployment of IoT devices for automotive, energy, industrial, smart home, lighting, smart buildings, and aerospace applications.




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